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GenEón Technologies

GenEon is visionary corporation that believes engineered water technologies, or Smart Water / Smart Chlorine, provide a broad range of cleaning and sanitizing uses which improve the health, safety and productivity of their customers. These uses include the cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing of many non-porous surfaces, including both food and non-food contact areas. GenEon believes that the future is here for effective, safe, sustainable and chemical-free solutions and are continuously working to develop innovative products to support these systems. GenEon has a commitment to design and develop a comprehensive line of products and solutions that allow Engineered Water to provide a cleaner, safer alternative to traditional, toxic, chemical-based cleaning and sanitizing products.

Testimonial on GenEón

Happy Friday David!

I wanted to pass along some information about the GenEon that may be of interest to you and to the company itself. As you know, we recently had a mold issue at Roberts Elementary. Billy insisted on us using MicroBan to clean it up even though I had a good idea what the sanitizer cleaner would do. Billy sent in about 4 maintenance workers that used MicroBan exclusively to clean the mold with. I had my 2 floaters with me using the GenEon fogger. The custodians at Roberts also used the GenEon fogger. I received a call from Sundra yesterday that the mold was returning. Obviously I was not very happy to hear this, so I went out there to see what it looked like we may have to do to take care of this. As we went in to many of the rooms on each hallway, the story became very evident. All of the rooms that we looked at together that were cleaned with MicroBan had the mold returning in many of the same spots that were cleaned. The rooms that were cleaned with the GenEon fogger did not have mold returning in them. Oh yeah, this thing works! You can imagine the conversation that I had with Billy this morning when I told him that Roberts had mold coming back, but only in the rooms where MicroBan was used. MicroBan is a great product, but the fogger is definitely the way to go from this point forward. I thought this may be of interest to you if SouthEast Link continues to market these units. Let me know as soon as you can if we can get a demo of the wand. I’d like to have my Leadership Council at this demo so that they can see how it works and get their input. Thank you for all that you do and have a great weekend.

Ralph Kelly                                                                                                                                                              Paulding County School District                                                                                                                            Custodial Supervisor                                                                                                                                                    770-443-8003 ext. 10173 Cell: 678-873-6274 Fax: 770-443-8047  

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