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Sustainability Award

SouthEast LINK is proud to announce that Cobb County School District, located in Marietta, Ga., was among 1 of 14 school districts nationwide, to receive the lauded “Educational Green Ribbon Schools and District Sustainability Award,” presented by the U.S. Secretary of Education. In order to qualify for this award, recipients had to meet some stringent qualifications, including:  reducing environmental impact and cost; improving the health and wellness of schools, students, and staff; and providing environmental education, which teaches several disciplines.

For many years, SouthEast LINK has diligently assisted Cobb County School District with eliminating the use of toxic cleaning chemicals. This dates back to the year 2001, when Jack Adelman, SouthEast LINK’s V.P. of Education & Training, introduced Cobb County’s Head Custodian Jim Mitchell, to the concept of green cleaning. With SouthEast LINK’s training, Cobb County went from using a mixture of 6-8 traditional custodial chemicals down to only a few green cleaning products. This in turn reduced custodial supply spending by 50%. SouthEast LINK has also been extremely instrumental in facilitating the inclusion of many innovative processes into Cobb County School District. The following timeline is a quick look at how they brought the program to where it is today:


·         In 2001, Cobb County adapted to using the KaiVac 1750 no-touch restroom cleaning system that eliminated cross-contamination.

·         In 2003, Cobb County converted to American Formula Oxy (Green Seal Certified) All Purpose Cleaner and Viraseptic Disinfectant Cleaner, thereby eliminating the use of the traditional chemical cleaning mix of approximately 6 products and reducing it down to two environmentally safe products.

·         In 2005, Cobb County adapted chemical free cleaning with Activeion, which started their journey to using engineered water.

·         In 2007, American Formula Enviro-Shine Floor Finish and Enviro-Strip Floor Stripper(both Green Seal Certified) were adapted system-wide and replaced traditional metal-interlocked floor finish and wax strippers.

·         In 2008, Tennant EC-H20 is adapted for all auto scrubbers, eliminating the need for chemical neutral floor cleaner.

·         In 2009, SouthEast LINK introduced a sustainable cleaning and maintenance program whereby they reduced the need for stripper for a period of 6 years, so far, while maintaining a highly reflective appearance in the highest traffic areas.  *(RE: Below Pictures )

·         In 2014, Gen-Eon engineered water, astounded Cobb County School District by cleaning and sanitizing their schools with only the engineered water, leaving the schools with a high level appearance and odor free.


With SouthEast LINK’s guidance, Cobb County School District adopted the mantra “If It’s Not Green, It’s Not Seen at Cobb County Public Schools.” SouthEast LINK is a true believer that healthy schools and wellness practices ensure that all students learn in an environment conducive to achieving their full potential, free of the health disparities that can aggravate achievement gaps. That is why SouthEast LINK lives by their motto of “Your LINK to a Clean, GREEN Workplace.”


.* *(School Floors that have not needed Stripping in 6 years because of SouthEast LINK’s Sustainable Cleaning and Maintenance Program).