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Over the past twelve years our relationship with SouthEast Link has grown to be one of trust and confidence. Trust not only in their products and guarantees, but also in their services and personnel…It is my strong recommendation that anyone considering utilizing SouthEast Link as a service company or vendor, do so with the utmost confidence…
Kathleen K. Morris
Director of Environmental Services
Woodward Academy
College Park, GA

A Whole New Ballgame
for Refinishing Gym Floors

Combining the newest in both chemical and mechanical technologies, SouthEast Link has developed a process for producing an extraordinary gym floor finish that is both cost and labor effective.

Flexi-Felt the best in floor protection
No Noise, No Scratches, No Problem!

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Controlled-Use Towel Systems
Wave’n Dry® Electronic Dispenser

The Wave’n Dry® is the first roll towel system to offer totally touch-free dispensing. The towel is stored fully protected inside the dispenser, until service is requested with a wave of the hand. Dispensing can be tailored to your facility’s needs with a variety of towel lengths available.

*Many styles and options are available, call SouthEast LINK for more information (404) 691-8422

Revolution® 3-Roll Dispenser

The Revolution® 3-roll tissue dispenser isdesigned for high-capacity controlled-use dispensing of OptiCore® tissue products to maximize maintenance time and cost savings. When one roll of tissue is used, simply turn the dial to advance to the next roll. It’s that simple to use.

*Many styles and options are available, call SouthEast LINK for more information (404) 691-8422

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