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Once again, you have proven that your service to our department is second to none. Georgia State University looks forward to working with SouthEast LINK to make our campus an attractive and comfortable place to work and study.

Christopher O. Jackman

Director, Building Services, Georgia State University

A Whole New Ballgame for Refinishing Gym Floors

Combining the newest in both chemical and mechanical technologies, SouthEast Link has developed a process for producing an extraordinary gym floor finish that is both cost and labor effective.

About Us

SouthEast LINK has been a leader in the janitorial supplies and cleaning products industry since 1946.

SOUTHEAST LINK IS moving with speed and confidence into its successful future in a fast-changing industry. We believe that with our strategic vision, sharp-eyed innovation, powerful management team and dedicated workforce Southeast LINK is perfectly positioned to grow and excel in the coming years.

SouthEast LINK is changing the world by good practice, environmental stewardship, common sense and working with customers and vendors who reflect those values.

OUR STRONG VISION is based on decades of experience— SouthEast LINK has sold janitorial products since 1946.

Focusing on professional sales of equipment and chemicals, the company distributes a comprehensive product mix backed by thorough support. SouthEast LINK representatives extend services that ensure their commercial and industrial clientele shine. Their role involves sharing the knowledge and processes customers need to minimize effort, time and cost while also achieving ultimate clean. Leading industry manufacturers represented by SouthEast include Tennant, Pro-LINK, Rubbermaid, Activeion, Vondrehle, Kaivac, and Host.

DEPTH OF EXPERIENCE is critical in this industry, and ours is reflected by a professional workforce and wide territory footprint – Southeast LINK operates an Atlanta area Contractor Outlet which facilitate cash & carry and will-call transactions, and also stock products and equipment. Emphasizing the value of preventative maintenance, factory trained and authorized personnel also repair and maintain customers’ equipment. To diminish downtime of their clients’ cleaning crews, SouthEast LINK conducts onsite maintenance and repair whenever possible. The local Service Center handles additional work.

EDUCATING THE CUSTOMER. Southeast LINK offers both classroom and onsite training and assistance through our unique Cleaner University program, which binds our customers closer while providing value-added market positioning. Classes and seminars cover a variety of topics that train and inform crews and managers; for example, one class teaches the most effective procedure for cleaning carpets using a particular product line. Our representatives also offer client-specific services, such as conducting onsite assessments of cleaning crews and then providing solutions for enhanced performance.

THE “GREEN CLEANING” and “Sustainable Cleaning” movement is making an indelible impact on our industry. Southeast LINK has embraced these concepts and takes special pride in distributing “green” products along with all the desired support, thus defining our company’s pro-environmental leadership position in Georgia. As members of the nationally recognized US Green Building Council, Southeast LINK will assist an institution’s complete transition to a green cleaning process. Such cleaning methods improve internal air quality for better health of its occupants while curtailing pollutants emitted into the environment.

Tennant Company, a world-leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial cleaning equipment, awarded SouthEast LINK the Million Dollar Club Award for 2012. SouthEast LINK and Tennant have been strategic partners for more than a decade. The partnership works because both SouthEast LINK and Tennant are committed to pursuing new technologies and innovation thereby revolutionizing the cleaning industry.