Data Driven Solutions


Once again, you have proven that your service to our department is second to none. Georgia State University looks forward to working with SouthEast LINK to make our campus an attractive and comfortable place to work and study.

Christopher O. Jackman

Director, Building Services, Georgia State University

A Whole New Ballgame for Refinishing Gym Floors

Combining the newest in both chemical and mechanical technologies, SouthEast Link has developed a process for producing an extraordinary gym floor finish that is both cost and labor effective.

Data Driven Solutions

Southeast Link’s cleaning and services management software – The Cleaning System is the ultimate visual planning tool for professional cleaning managers in all types of facilities. This software is fully customization and provides an easy and convenient system to improve:

  • Benchmarking Inventory
  • Budget management
  • Fleet Management
  • Labor Cost analysis
  • Headcount control
  • Labor Scheduling
  • Productivity benchmarks
  • Determine & Assign tasks and frequency
  • Identify duplication, redundancy and weaknesses
  • Measure and Assess performance

Which allows you to identify, evaluate and improve any challenges in the cleaning industry.

We now have push-button upload of data from our software to web servers where you can access it from any Apple, Android, or PDA device with wireless access. Your detailed, summary reports are available instantaneously to help increase the cleanliness of your facility.