Laundry Warewash


Once again, you have proven that your service to our department is second to none. Georgia State University looks forward to working with SouthEast LINK to make our campus an attractive and comfortable place to work and study.

Christopher O. Jackman

Director, Building Services, Georgia State University

A Whole New Ballgame for Refinishing Gym Floors

Combining the newest in both chemical and mechanical technologies, SouthEast Link has developed a process for producing an extraordinary gym floor finish that is both cost and labor effective.

Laundry and Warewash


Sunburst Chemicals is designed to deep clean while extending linen life. Sunburst Cleaning products increase production, reduce water and save on energy costs.

Benefits of Sunburst Chemicals Laundry Products:

  • Advanced chemistry for laundering modern linen textiles
  • Powerful chemistry is designed to clean and extend linen life
  • Sunburst products increase production, reduce water usage and save on energy costs
  • Sunburst offers a broad range of products which allows for customization with:
    • varying water conditions
    • different textile types
    • different soil classifications
  • Liquids, solids, and powders are available


Sunburst Chemicals offers a choice of detergent products to meet the requirements of specific warewash applications.

We offer a selection of premium-grade products which include aluminum safe products originally developed for bakeries, as well as a premium product for hard water conditions. An economy warewash product is also available for a broad-range of uses. Sunburst also offers premium and economy grade rinse additives that complement the warewash product line

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