Planned Maintenance Programs


Once again, you have proven that your service to our department is second to none. Georgia State University looks forward to working with SouthEast LINK to make our campus an attractive and comfortable place to work and study.

Christopher O. Jackman

Director, Building Services, Georgia State University

A Whole New Ballgame for Refinishing Gym Floors

Combining the newest in both chemical and mechanical technologies, SouthEast Link has developed a process for producing an extraordinary gym floor finish that is both cost and labor effective.

Planned Maintenance Programs

Keeping your equipment at peak performance

Our Planned Maintenance Programs help improve productivity and control costs. By having pre-scheduled maintenance, we are able to detect and prevent failures before they occur. Our highly trained service technicians inspect, lubricate, clean and perform other maintenance items as required to keep your equipment as close as possible to manufacturer standards and in-line with the manufacturer’s warranty requirements.

We offer both “Standard Flat Rate” and our popular “Time & Material” Planned Maintenance Program options. If you have special needs, we’ll customize a plan for your budget and equipment. We also offer contracted rates to provide you with even greater savings.

Emergency and “After Hours” service is available upon request.

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